Steel toe boots are the must-wear piece of safety clothing that millions of people wear every day. From delivery drivers to construction workers to landscape gardeners to managers on building sites and many other professions, along with high-viz jackets and hardhats, it’s the steel toe boot that means access can be granted (and that feet are protected) and work can be done. It is essential for your feet to be as happy as possible so you can work well; here are some tips to make your steel toe boots more comfortable.

1. Get The Right Fit
Having boots that fit well is one of the best and easiest ways you can ensure comfort almost from the start. It’s best to try on your boots first before committing to buying them. The problem with having the wrong size of boot is twofold: if the boots are too big then can slip and cause blisters; if they are too small they can pinch.

2. Get Good Quality
It can be tempting to buy cheap steel toe boots, but the cheaper the boot the sooner they’ll wear out because the cheap materials used will not last. When the boots start to come apart they can extremely uncomfortable, with torn material rubbing against your foot. To be as comfortable as possible, it’s best to buy a better quality pair of boots with good, durable stitching and high quality leather.

3. Buy Two Pairs
Sometimes your boots will get wet, and even if you’ve got water-resistant ones they’ll still be uncomfortable and damp. It’s a good idea to have two pairs of boots so that you can let one pair dry out completely if you need to. Try to wear each pair evenly so that they’re both comfortable.

4. Clean The Mud Off
It may sound strange to suggest that cleaning the mud from your boots will make them more comfortable but it’s true. Leaving mud on the leather will lead to it drying out and becoming stiff and difficult to wear. The best way to clean your steel toe boots is to use a firm brush to rub a solution of vinegar and water on the surface. Don’t let the boot get too wet. You might even want to rub them with a cloth covered in boot condition to keep them really soft.

5. Wear Insoles
The insoles that come with your boots might be fine for a while, but in the end they will become flat and they’ll no longer support your feet. Instead you should invest in good quality insoles with great arch support.

Wearing steel toe boots isn’t something we get any choice in; they’re worn for our safety, and to ensure the work we do is compliant with health and safety regulations. However, just because we have to wear these boots doesn’t mean that we have to be uncomfortable; these useful tips can make your boots much better to wear.

Investing in a high quality steel toe boot is paramount to an effective working environment where you rely on your footwear to keep you safe. We have a range of of safety boots from our bestselling Buckler Buckflex Dealer Boot to The Buckler Brown Rigger Boot.

Post By Rebecca Clark