Whether you keep animals at your home or on your farm, it is important to keep them trimmed and clipped so that they do not get tangled or too hot. 

Helping to keep the coats of sheep, horses, cattle and household pets groomed and healthy, it can be an easy process that will not take up too much time, as long as you keep on top of it and use the right equipment to carry out the task. We have put together a few easy to follow tips that can help.

Prepare your equipment

  • Ensure that you have chosen the best clipper that works quickly and efficiently
  • Service your clipper with the appropriate oils
  • Replace any old blades or make sure your current ones have been sharpened

Get your animal ready

  • A bath will help to remove any dirt or debris that could get caught in the clippers
  • Comb or brush the hair through to remove any tangles
  • Ensure they have been exercised so are less energetic and more likely to stand still while you work on them
  • Try to keep them calm, with anxiety supplements and the use of a quiet clipper that has fewer vibrations

How to get started

  • Have a plan on which direction you are going to clip, rather than attempting bits here and there
  • Use long strokes that are calm and gentle to avoid distressing the animal
  • Pull the skin tight if you can in order to avoid catching it with the blade
  • Brush the hair through every few minutes so that you can clearly see where to go next
  • A cordless clipper may be easier so that you can move around more freely

Should I do anything afterwards?

  • If it is a family pet or a horse, give them a tasty treat and lots of praise. This reward should make them more likely to comply next time.
  • Some animals may require another bath following a trim, to remove any hair that is stuck and to clean any remaining dirt that may have been caught in the longer hair

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Post By Kimberley Roderick