NETTEX Collate Ultra Concentrate Premium Lamb Colostrum - 1Kg Tub (40 Lamb Pack)Based in Kent, Nettex has been formulating and producing animal care and health products since 1983. In that relatively short 32 year span Nettex has grown vastly and today their wears are readily available in over 40 countries worldwide, which is a testament to the effectiveness of their products and the good will that they have earned from their customers and distributors.

Nettex pride themselves on their extensive range, and it is clear from the sheer amount of specialised products available from them, just how deep their passion for animal husbandry and nutrition runs. Their love for animals guarantees the effectiveness of the products they manufacture, and their success has allowed them to branch out over the past three decades to the point that in addition to ruminants, equines and poultry, they're now able to offer their knowledge and expertise to domestic pets.

Having said that, their roots are still firmly set in caring for horses and ponies, which is why there is an entire Nettex website dedicated to their health and well being. 'Nettex Equine' has a reputation for supplying riders and horse owners with products that actually provide the benefits they claim to bestow; all for a reasonable price. They have also poured a lot of time, money and effort into developing products that cater to specific equines based on their breed, age and size, an act that enforces their ethos regarding the care of animals and the lengths they will go to ensure that they are looked after.

Nettex Equine Supplies On Tanner Trading

We offer a selection of equine supplies on Tanner Trading, and a great many of them come from Nettex's range of equine health and well being products. From fly repellent and grooming to feeding and nutrition, everything you could ever need for your horse can be found amongst the Nettex products on Tanner Trading.

Nettex Septi-Clense Wound Gel

Nettex Septi-Clean Wound Gel

It doesn't matter how well you look after your horse, chances are one day it will get injured, and the sign of a good owner is how they can deal with said injury once it occurs. It's safe to say that equine wound care needs to be carried out quickly, but without the right supplies you will be fighting an up-hill battle.

Nettex septi-clense wound gel is one of the most formidable barrier gels available today, because as well as cleaning the wound, it forms a protective barrier over it to prevent any further risk of infection. Once dry, this solution will not come off easily, so you can rest easy knowing that your horse is safe and on the mend.

Nettex Supalyx Tasty Treats

Nettex Supalyx Tasy Treats - Various Flavours

Available in apple, mint, carrot and sugar flavours (all of which horses and ponies will love) these equine treats are perfect for rewarding well behaved equines. Though delicious, these treats are also highly nutritious and can be used to help supplement an animal's dietary requirements.

Nettex Joint & Muscle Maintenance Liquid

Nettex Joint & Muscle Maintenance Liquid - 1ltr

Suitable for horses of all ages, this Nettex Health and well being solution acts as a preventative measure against muscles and joints becoming damaged by gradual wear. Though nothing can ever truly prevent the deterioration of joints and muscles due to age and use, this Maintenance liquid from Nettex is formulated to help a horse's body build new cartilage and maintain muscle elasticity.

As well as preventing damage, Nettex joint & muscle maintenance liquid actively assists in the removal of toxins that naturally accumulate in muscles as they are used and exerted. This not only helps the muscle to recover from injury or exhaustion sooner, but also aids in the growth and development of new muscle.

Nettex Bit Wipes

Nettex Bit Wipes

It is good form to wash a bit after it has been in a horse's mouth, and it is equally important to clean the bit again before inserting it into a horse's mouth to rinse off any dirt that may have accumulated since. Nettex Bit Wipes can be used to clean bits both before and after use, but as an added bonus they leave behind the pleasant taste of either apple or mint. As a result, when the bit is placed into a horse's mouth it will encourage the production of saliva and the horse will accept it more easily.

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