Shavings forks, manure forks, tidee rakes and shovels are essential tools for mucking out and keeping your stable tidy. 

Incredibly helpful and versatile tools, forks can be used for baling, gardening, cleaning and generally moving large, heavy objects from one place to another. Available in varying lengths, a range of handles and different numbers of prongs, we offer forks suitable for every possible job and occasion.    

Hay Forks

This type of fork will be long lasting and durable, a strong yard essential that is perfect for moving hay and bedding types such as cardboard, straw and chopped straw.

Manure Forks

This fork is well balanced, designed with a T-grip for comfort and designed to be strong enough that it will not bend or snap. The long handle will also help to reduce any back strain that you may have from carrying out this task in the garden, stable or farm.

Matting Forks

A matting fork is designed with special rounded tines to pick up manure and wet bedding without damaging the rubber matting below. It is perfect for moving bedding types such as shavings, wood pellets, wood chip, hemp and paper, in a balanced finish that will help to reduce back strain.

Shavings Forks

Shavings forks are generally lightweight, designed to make mucking out easy. Perfect for moving bedding such as shavings, wood pellets, wood chip, hemp and paper, this type of fork has been made to last, crafted from quality durable materials that have been balanced to help reduce back strain.

Multi-Purpose Forks

As the name suggests, this type of fork is suitable for most yard cleaning purposes, from collecting manure to moving bedding around the area. They will be durable and strong, perfect for dealing with whatever task you throw at it.

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Post By Kimberley Roderick