As we start to experience increasingly unpredictable weather as the seasons continue to change, it’s that time of year when we realise that all of our outdoor clothing, shoes and even horse rugs are in desperate need of waterproofing in order to keep us dry and warm.

You might think that once a waterproof item starts to leak, that it has gone past its shelf life and needs replacing, but with the right water repelling accessories you can breathe new life into your belongings in order to ensure that they will last all the way through until next winter.

What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

The difference between waterproof and water resistant really depends on the material that the garment is made from. A material that is water resistant will be tightly woven in order to prevent water from getting through, but it will only be able to stand up to so much rain. Eventually if the rain keeps falling, the material will start to allow droplets inside and you will get damp. If the garment is described as waterproof, then it should provide a complete barrier to water droplets and keep you perfectly dry, aside from any sweat that you may produce from being buttoned up so tightly. 

Spray-on waterproofers

Suitable for materials such as Ultrex, Goretex, eVENT, Entrant and microfibre fabrics, a spray-on waterproofer is incredibly easy to use. It will help to restore a water repellent finish in a few simple steps, using a spray technique that will allow you to be very precise. 

Wash-in waterproofer

Helping to double the life of waterproof clothing, a wash-in waterproofer does exactly what it says. By simply adding it to your washing machine, you can reinvigorate your sleeping bags, clothing and other insulated garments.

Waterproofing wax

Designed to re-waterproof any waxed garment, this type of product is usually available in a spray wax or a spreadable version so that you can rub it into the fabric with ease. 

Water Resistance Guide

For reference here is a guide which should help you to choose any garments according to their water resistance testing. 

Water Resistance (mm)Weather Conditions
6000 - 10,000Will withstand light rain & snow
11,000 - 15,000Will withstand moderate rain and average snow 
16,000 - 20,000Withstands heavy rain and wet snow
20,000 +Withstands heavy rain, wet snow & high pressure

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Post By Kimberley Roderick