Whether you work on a farm, in a stable or have your own smallholding, a quality pair of boots is essential for keeping your feet warm, dry and protected. 

But with so many styles of boot available, which will be the best for you? We have taken a look at the benefits of some of the main types of boot, to help you to narrow down your choice.  

Dealer Boots

Dealer boots are designed to be durable, robust and wonderfully versatile. They can be worn on the farm, in the fields or dressed up for a casual day out, similar in style to the Chelsea boot. They are ankle height and have a pull on style without laces, with many designs featuring a waterproof finish and protective toe that will keep your feet protected whatever you are doing. 

Rigger Boots

An all purpose work boot, rigger boots usually have a sturdy pull on style. They are named as such as they would originally have been standard issue for someone who worked on oil rigs. Usually a safety class boot, many will have a steel toe cap for protection and a resistance to heat. 

Wellington Boots

You can’t beat a good pair of wellies for general outdoor use. They come in many different variations, perfect for tailoring to your specific needs. They can be safety or non-safety styles, full length or half length, some may even have a warm furry lining. They are easy to pull on and off, making them ideal for quick outdoor tasks, as well as for extended wear throughout the day.

Safety Boots

Whether you’re working hard or enjoying leisure time outside, it is extremely important to protect our feet when there may be a risk of injury. Safety boots have been designed for wearing all day long to offer protection and comfort, as well as plenty of style. Many safety boots feature steel toe caps and midsoles, resistance to heat and oil, slip resistance and are waterproof, helping to ensure that your feet are perfectly dry, warm and comfortable whatever you are doing with your day. Safety ratings including SB, S3, HRO and SRC let you know which safety standards the boots comply with.

Safety Trainers

Safety Trainers are perfect for when you need comfort and ease of movement, as well as protection against possible injury. Designed to be lightweight and durable, a pair of safety trainers can be worn for work or for leisure, great for wearing all day long. Wonderfully comfortable, they are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colours.

Hiking Boots

A good pair of hiking boots will help to protect your feet and keep them comfortable when undertaking long walks, especially when you find yourself on uneven terrain. Many hiking boots are waterproof and breathable, with safety features such as steel toe caps. In a variety of colours, sizes and styles, we are sure to have the perfect pair for you.

Post By Kimberley Roderick