With over 35 years experience in researching and manufacturing animal health products, Nettex Equine pride themselves on being able to supply horses and their riders with the very best in health care and nutritional supplements.

The award winning British company is a global brand and supplies over 40 countries with their high quality, hardworking equine range.

We have taken a closer look at some of the areas where Nettex Equine can help to support the health of your horse.


Nettex Equine provides everything that you need to keep your horse looking and feeling great, ideal for everyday or for getting ready for professional shows. From conditioning shampoos to stain removers and coat shine, each product will offer fantastic results and can be packed away easily for when you hit the road for competitions.

Hoof Care

It is important that you work to keep the hooves strong and healthy so that your horse can continue to be active for as long as possible. The Nettex Equine range of products will nourish and protect hooves from the inside and the outside, providing everything that is needed to maintain them long term.

First Aid and Wound Care

Designed to cleanse and treat minor cuts and wounds, to keep them hygienically clean and encourage healthy healing, this extensive range includes gels, scrubs and creams that are wonderfully effective.


Horses sometimes need a little extra help to keep them healthy and active, especially as they can sweat excessively after exercise or in hot weather, which can lead to the loss of essential nutrients. The Nettex Equine range includes supplements such as electrolytes, muscle maintenance, calming treatments, digestion and much more. 

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Post By Kimberley Roderick