While our attention is often focused on shopping, decorating, and enjoying time with loved ones, it's important to remember our farm animals during this time of year.

four ways to care for your farm animals

Maintaining Routines and Providing Comfort

Farm animals thrive on consistency and routine, so it's crucial to maintain their regular feeding schedules and access to clean water, even during the holidays. Sudden changes in routine can lead to stress and potential health problems. Provide comfortable shelter, such as well-insulated barns or covered areas, to shield animals from the harsh winter elements.

Enriching Environments and Providing Extra Care

While farm animals may appear stoic, they enjoy engaging in activities that stimulate their minds and bodies. Provide enrichment opportunities, such as toys, scratching posts, or straws to forage for, to help them stay active and occupied. For horses, consider adding a salt block or mineral lick to their diet, as these can provide essential nutrients and engage their natural foraging instincts.

Monitoring Health and Addressing Potential Issues

Pay close attention to the health of your farm animals throughout the holiday season. Changes in behaviour, such as decreased appetite, lethargy, or unusual vocalizations, may indicate underlying health concerns. Consult a veterinarian promptly if you notice any signs of illness or injury.

Holiday Treats for Farm Animals

Offering extra hay or forage for your cow, sheep, and goat, can provide essential fibre for their digestive systems. Additionally, a small portion of cooked sweet potatoes or carrots can be a healthy addition to their diet. Chickens can enjoy a handful of cooked grains or nuts, while pigs can relish a few slices of apple or pear. Horses also appreciate a few carrots or apples, along with access to a salt block or mineral lick.

By taking these steps, we can ensure that farm animals experience the holiday season with minimal disruption to their routine and comfort, fostering a more responsible and compassionate approach to animal care.

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