It’s that time of year when the weather is extremely unpredictable, where it is not unusual to experience a day of spring like sunshine, followed by 3 feet of snow.

If you have a farm or smallholding, this type of extreme weather can be a problem, so it is always best to plan for every eventuality. We have put together a few simple ways that you can get ready for such conditions, which can be done in advance and help to see you through days and weeks of potential winter storms. 

Finish any repairs to your farm buildings

If you’re missing any slates or panels from your barns and stables, now is the time to get them replaced. This will help to keep out the wind and rain, as well as prevent loose tiles from causing damage by falling off.

Move livestock to sheltered areas

It is best to move animals to more sheltered areas in advance of a storm, so that there is no panic at the last moment. Whether you have cows and sheep or chickens and ducks, try to offer a physical shelter that they can retreat into and be shut away from bad weather conditions.

Cover machinery or move it indoors

Rain and wind has a habit of making its way into places that can cause real damage, such as blowing off machinery parts and getting into engines. If you can, cover any vehicles or machinery, or drive them into shelter if possible. This can save you money on potentially expensive repairs.

Prepare food and water in advance

The last thing you will want to do in a storm is to move around essential supplies so that your animals are fed and watered. Try to have a stock of feed near to where your animals will be spending that period of time, or put the food out ready if your animals will already be indoors. Then give them enough fresh water to help see them through. This will help to ensure your safety as well as theirs, by allowing you to stay indoors with the knowledge that they will be ok unattended for longer than usual. 

Check on your livestock as soon as possible

As soon as the weather eases try to check on your animals straight away to ensure that they are settled and safe. Check over any outbuildings and fences to make sure that they have not been damaged, so that you can arrange repairs as soon as you can.

Stay safe!

Post By Kimberley Roderick