Gallagher Electric Fencing began in the 1930's when its founder, Bill Gallagher, came up with a means of preventing his horse from using his car as a scratching post (which it had been doing with alarming regularity). Bill designed a device which would alarm the horse by shocking it whenever it made contact with the car, and this in-turn gave Bill the idea to create electric fences.

Though the company eventually diversified and moved into security – producing things like intruder alarms, electrified perimeter defences, access controls and so on – it has never forgotten where it comes from, and continues to design and manufacture electric fencing equipment and accessories.

Gallagher's electric fencing products are used worldwide, and have been available throughout Europe since the 1970's. They have gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and high quality manufacturers of agricultural security equipment, and it is a reputation that is very much deserved. They make sure that all their new products are designed with the user's needs in mind, and include or can accommodate features that can increase the efficiency of a fence system or decrease the costs of running it.

Continuous improvement of their products is an integral part of Gallagher's philosophy and ethos, which is why all their products are tested by actual farmers, who will naturally be looking for the most effective tools possible. They seek criticism and actively use any critique given to improve and build-upon their current range of electric fence energisers, batteries and accessories; which explains exactly why their products are so highly regarded and trusted worldwide.

Gallagher Electric Fencing On Tanner Trading

We offer a wide range of Gallagher products through the Gallagher Electric Fencing category on our website; including a selection of electric fence energisers, energiser accessories, fence testers, insulators, gateways, and much more. We would love to show you them all, but as we cannot, let's just take a look at several of them.

Gallagher M50 (UK) Mains Energiser

Gallagher M50 (UK) Mains EnergiserOne of the most popular Gallagher products on Tanner Trading, the M50 Mains Energiser is perfect for energising fence systems with less than 500 metres of tape, rope or wire. Designed to be easy to install, the Gallagher M50 draws its power from a mains supply (as its name would suggest), and it comes with a range of features; including protection against lightning strikes.

Gallagher Solar Assist Kit – 4W (B40/B50)

Gallagher Solar Assist Kit 4W (B40 B50)One of the best money saving accessories available for Gallagher electric fence energisers, the 4 watt solar assist kit – once connected to an energiser – can be used to supplement the energiser's power source with solar energy; thereby extending battery life or reducing mains power consumption.

Gallagher Digital Volt Meter

Gallagher Digital Volt MeterCarrying out electric fence health checks is very important, especially during the autumn and winter months. Depending on the length of a fence run, this can take a considerable amount of time, especially if you do not have the right tools. The Digital Volt Meter can be used to accurately test the condition of a fence run's earthing system, and also assists in general troubleshooting by analysing the condition of the fence run as a whole.

Gallagher Starter Kits

Gallagher M50 Starter Kit (230v)In addition to offering the individual components that make up an electric fence system, we also have a number of Starter Kits & Bundles which can be used by those who need to quickly establish an electric fence run. Including everything from energisers and earthing plates to warning signs and connector cables, if you're not entirely sure what you'll need to set up an electric fence system these kits will have everything you could possibly need.

Post By Alem Al-Khamiri