Offering everything you could ever need to build yourself a reliable electric fence system, Hotline Electric Fencing Ltd's product range has been steadily growing since its inception in 1968. Based in Devon, their actions over the past 50 years have shown Hotline's dedication and passion for providing quality agricultural equipment; and their desire to become something of a one-stop shop for any and all electrical fencing needs.

The past 20 years have seen the biggest strides toward achieving this goal. In 1998 they acquired RENCO, a Gloucestershire-based company that specialised in the manufacturing of high-quality electrified netting; and in 2007 Hotline entered into an international partnership with Hotizont Group GMBH, a leading manufacturer and distributor of agricultural essentials and accessories, based in Germany.

These two events have allowed Hotline to produce a range of over 250 products, each with their own particular function and strengths. To say that Hotline's range of electric fencing appliances and tools is comprehensive would be an understatement; and it is nothing short of astonishing how consistent the quality of their products are.

Hotline Electric Fencing On Tanner Trading

We offer a wide selection of Hotline products on the Tanner Trading website, from fence energisers and posts, to batteries and insulators. Needless to say there are too many to mention, but here are a couple of Hotline products that we think are truly extraordinary.

Hotline HLB500 Falcon Battery Energiser


Ideal for temporary fence installations, this battery-powered energiser is capable of energising fence runs of up to 18 kilometres, and is designed to run in an energy efficient way. Hotline have done a very good job of this, as even when the 12v HLB500 Falcon energiser is running at optimum capacity, the battery life will last over 4 weeks.

Hotline HLM400 Condor Mains Energiser


Unlike the Falcon, the Condor runs off a mains power supply and is perfectly suited to energising a permanently placed electric fencing fixture. It can be run at full power or on a low output setting, allowing its user to conserve energy without leaving their livestock unprotected. The HLM400 Condor energiser can effectively electrify a fence run of up to 30 kilometres.

Hotline P36 Digital Volt Meter

Volt Meter

It is important that you carry out checks on your electric fence from time to time to ensure that everything is running smoothly, which is where this volt meter comes in handy. Capable of measuring up to 10,000 volts, the P36 digital volt meter is a sturdy, self-earthing accessory, that can be easily used to check the health of your energiser, and the rope, wire or tape that is used to carry the electricity around the fence's perimeter.

Hotline also offer a range of electric fencing accessories in addition to the volt meter, including fence reels, fence tensioners and earth stakes; some are listed below.

Hotline Geared Reel

A large reel which can accommodate roughly 800m of polywire or galvanised wire, or 200m of 10mm tape.

Tape ConnectorSuitable for tape up to 40mm, this buckle can be used to connect 10mm or 20mm tape, whilst ensuring that no electrical charge is lost.

Hotline Fence ScoutMore than a simple volt tester, the Fence Scout is a fault finder that can measure voltage, amperage and point you in the direction of a fault's source.

Post By Alem Al-Khamiri