Formed in 1983, Nettex (or Net-Tex) is a company well known for its dedication to providing quality health products for veterinary and agricultural purposes. Utilising the most up-to-date research possible, Nettex regularly develop new products and solutions to improve animal nutrition and well-being, all the while constantly improving their current ones to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of their product range is consistent.

Nettex do not only focus on one aspect of animal husbandry, as they believe that no one animal is more important or precious than any other. Because of this innate belief, Nettex have developed many products over the past 31 years; from Colostrum for newborn lamb (under the brand name 'Collate') to Scaly leg surgical spirit for chickens, to dietary supplements for ponies and horses.

In many cases developing so many products that cover so much ground would result in a reduction of quality and effectiveness. This is certainly not the case when it comes to Nettex's all-encompassing range of products, which are readily available in over 40 countries and all of which are made right here in Great Britain.

Nettex Products On Tanner Trading

On Tanner Trading we offer 110 Nettex products, including equestrian supplies, pest control solutions, calving and lambing aids, and many other agriculturally-orientated products. There are a far to many to go into them all in depth, but here are a couple of Nettex products that ought to give you a good idea on what they're about.

Nettex Myti Lyte Lamb Foot Rot Shears - Mark III Offset

NETTEX Myti Lyte Lamb Foot Rot Shears - Mark III Offset

Designed to reach those normally difficult to reach areas, these shears make use of a special shape that allows them to work effectively even if the user's hands are a little on the small side; and therefore cannot exert as much force.

Nettex Surgical Spirit

Available in 3 different sizes, Surgical spirit is one of those things that no farm should be without. It can be used to sterilise wounds and can also act independently to cure a great many skin ailments, including scaly leg which can cause paralysis in chickens if left untreated.

Nettex Collate Ultra Concentrate Premium Lamb Colostrum

NETTEX Collate Ultra Concentrate Premium Lamb Colostrum - 500g Tub (20 Lamb Pack)

With additional vitamins included to help give the lambs it is fed to the best start in life, Nettex Collate is a premium colostrum, which thanks to its special formulation, can be readily absorbed by a newborn's body.

Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced

Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced

As well as being bothersome, flies can aggravate injuries or wounds that an animal may have sustained, and can also help to spread disease when they bite. Fly repellent is certainly not a luxury that you can afford to go without.

Nettex Veterinary Multi-Purpose Cotton Gauze 12"

Nettex Veterinary Multi-Purpose Cotton Gauze 12

Clean, safe and comfortable to wear, this cotton gauze by Nettex is ideal for covering wounds as they heal and protecting them from infection. It is designed not to be too restrictive, so even when wrapped around legs, it ought not hinder movement noticeably at all.

Post By Alem Al-Khamiri